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My grandma before she passed had a newspaper column. It was called reflections from my corner of the world. It was her bible blog per say. Life lessons and encouragement all pointing to growth in our spiritual walks. Before she passed she asked me to carry it on. That was 17 years ago and I failed at the task. Anyway I'm starting this now. Just some daily insights and hopefully encouraging and challenging words.

Day 1

Words are powerful..... proverbs says that the power of life and death are in the tongue. It also says that your soul is nourished when you are kind and destroy yourself when you are cruel. I've shared a lot of my story. I've always been pretty transparent. Most of you know I've been through a divorce. Listen folks I haven't always been perfect I have made my share of mistakes. And I have suffered at the hands of some pretty cruel words and rumors and slander. Times I cried myself to sleep over the harsh things people have said. The ones that hurt the most are the comments made by other Christian's after I got myself back on track and back to Gods plan. I never left God. I never abandoned my faith but I did do and say some things I'm not proud of. If any of you haven't then by all means you are excused from the rest of this to go polish your halo.

I definitely lost sight of gods plan for me for a while. I was bitter, angry, hurt and just over it all. But then I recommitted. Rededicated myself to God and his plan and sought forgiveness for any and all of my failures. And yet people. Mainly church people still felt the need to tear me down. The ones who claimed to love and pray for me failed to rejoice at my turn around and instead slander me.

I even recently found myself falling to the trap of the tongue. I had a disagreement with a close friend and to be honest I got angry and in a moment of poor judgement begin to throw up their past failures as a defense mechanism. How dare I? In that moment I allowed the enemy to come in and for a brief moment make me the thing I hated most. Of course i apologized and i am hopeful that my words will be forgiven. But the point is this. When someone no matter how bad you think they were. No matter what sin they committed gives their life to Christ and is making an effort to move forward dont you dare be a loud mouthed bigot determined to remind them of their past.

Funny we preach Gods forgiveness but for whatever reason our human mind just loves a good drama and seemingly doesn't mind at what or who's expense.

That is not the Godly way. I have had terrible rumors spread on me. I have had people try and destroy my ability to work for God based on their made up opinions for the most part and some realities of my past. If forgiveness and redemption through Christ are our message then when someone accepts said redemption give them a break and let them chase God and find their calling. Free from idle words of destruction.

And furthermore if someone is failing or caught up in a mess of sin find a way to love them and minister to them. And I assure you talking about them. Spreading rumors or tearing them down is not the right way. It's time the church be the church. We need to individually repent and change our ways. We need to remember that people walk through hell on earth sometimes. And satan gets people in all kinds of messes. It's up to us to bring them Christ. The only answer. The only way to peace and freedom. I'm pretty sure slander or reminders of their every mistake aren't the way.

Words are powerful. Life and death powerful. Yes we all mess up. No my sins or anyone else's are not any greater than yours. We are all human. I've been on both sides. I've been the talked about and the one doing the talking. I love you all. I wanna see lives transformed and souls saved and people find healing. I almost didn't find mine because of the words of others. I almost abandoned church because of the hateful slander. But God......

I'm working on a sermon series right now called heroes and villains. It's all about understanding the enemy and how he works and also about us understanding that to reach our destiny and or divine assignment we have to have those fail moments. Everything in life the good the bad the failures the mistakes all play a part In your story. The key is getting past them. Once you do your story becomes a powerful tool to show others what God can do.

Watch your tongue it's got a lot of power. Use it wisely. Speak life. Speak healing and speak future. Much love from my corner

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