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What do you mean we don't all have to be the same?

The world is full of people who need salvation, Hope, healing, deliverance, a friend, someone to care, love, kindness, guidance, etc.. Social Media is a great tool to share inspiration. Here is the reality. Christian people want to use this platform as there personal vent space to attack other ministries, believers, or anyone who is different from their denominational background. Most know I grew up in a Holiness church when I was with my dad, and a baptist church when I was with my mom. I've seen the religion train at all its best stops. I've seen religions on all sides honestly. I don't really claim a denomination. I Believe in the unlimited power of God. I believe in the Holy spirit baptism and all of the spiritual gifts. I believe that Jesus is the way to salvation. I believe in living a clean and holy lifestyle. Most of all I believe in Loving people and being the hands and feet of Jesus to the lost.

I understand that Its not about me its about them. Its about taking the message of the gospel to the world. It is always amazing to me how much time people will waste over trivial things. I watched a sermon preached by a popular minister this week. It touched on religion and some of the legalistic rules that have emerged over the years. The delivery was a little in your face(which so was Jesus just so y'all know. His message wasn't popular among the chosen frozen) and some of it I didn't agree totally. But what I did agree with was the fact that people pre judge others so much based on their appearance. I agreed that holiness according to God and Holiness according to religion are very different things. Again I didn't agree totally with this speakers approach per say but the bulk of the message was on point. Stop judging others on appearance. Jesus commanded us to take the Gospel to all the world.

You know what I didn't feel? I didn't feel an urge to put them down, I didn't feel an urge to discredit them publicly. Why? Because I know people who have come to God through their ministry. Because I know that sometimes the out of the box minister may reach people I can not. In my adult life I have learned so much about the importance of Relationship with God over religion. It wasn't the lost or the sinners who crucified Jesus. It was the religious. Jesus himself was the greatest agent for change and doing things differently than any figure in the world. He came along and un did a lot of the mess that religion had created. and guess what... when he did his own people had him crucified because he didn't adhere to their rule book. When we go into cultures in foreign countries who don't have our resources do we tell them that they wont make it to heaven cause they don't look like our denomination? He taught love, and forgiveness, and 2nd chances.

Jesus was an organized, structured individual who had a purpose that went beyond the guidelines of religion. I have a laundry list of issues with lots of religions but I don't attack them. I want to.. Ill be honest I wanna attack sometimes. I wanna shake people and say do you not realize the damage you do to Christianity with your petty arguments and posts tearing down other believers. Do you realize how unattainable you make salvation seem with your list of rules that NO ONE can live up to. I grew up in bondage to so much stuff that satan attacked me with. I went to every prayer line in 5 states seeking freedom from addictions, depression, etc. I was amazed that everyone around me could seemingly feel God so strong. ( including me) I mean they shouted, or danced or jumped, spoke in tongues etc. ( all of which I do in my praise and when I feel God as well, I'm not knocking that) but yet so many still suffered from so much bondage, so much strongholds. It wasn't until I stopped expecting how God should move and realized that he didn't operate within my guidelines that I got the healing I so badly needed.

You see I learned that God moves in all kinds of ways. I learned that he loves me on my best days and he loves me on my worst days. I learned that everyone has a story, everyone processes differently. I changed my outlook on ministry. My goal is to point people to Jesus, guide them with the word, teach them to love others and reach out to others. I will never claim a denomination. I love the spirit of the Pentecostal faith, I love the organization of the Baptist, I love the outreach of the non denominational, and the ability to see beyond tradition and go to the masses of the Billy Graham Ministry. But I will never say I am any denomination. I am a Christ Follower. I believe in living holy, loving God, loving others, prayer, healing, the holy ghost, the gifts, deliverance and growth. I believe in loving those I don't understand. I believe forgiveness and salvation is gift available to everyone. I believe we all don't have to look alike, and that despite our best efforts we all will fall short some days and grace and mercy are amazing daily gifts that NONE of us would make it without.

Some of us have tattoos, some like makeup, some like flashy shoes or bright colored clothes. Some like in your face preaching others like calm speakers, Some like lights and smoke and technology and others like traditional styling. Some like elevation worship and some like old hymns, some like pants, and some like skirts, some like gray and some like brown, some like KJV some like NLT, WHO CARES... When we understand that our role is to be out reaching the Lost, witnessing, tending to the hurting etc and that the church house itself is just a place to gather to WORSHIP, then we may get it. The four wall mentality of the church world is gonna cause a collapse. I for one am grateful the big churches who caught the vision of outreach and are doing so much. I will not tear them down. I'm grateful that you all are doing as much as you can to reach the world. I may not agree with everything you say or do but guess what? Its not about me. If you teach the bible, and you love people, and you lead them to Christ that's awesome. and If you have lights, and smoke, and screens, and 3000 members that's totally great. I refuse to tear you down because you have a bigger platform than me.

If you read this and your a believer all I say is this. Go love someone today. Go find the person who seems to be the most opposite of you and show them that regardless of outward differences that there is an inward God that you can both run to and he can change your world for the better. If your struggling, not a believer, if you have been hurt, If you have been damaged by religion, or your past, or whatever I want you to know this. I Love you, God Loves you, and regardless of who you are salvation, healing, deliverance etc are available to you as well. If you wanna know more message me. I would be happy to tell you about Jesus, what he has done in my life, How much he loves you. Sorry this was long I just so badly want to move past religion, and point people to a relationship with the Lord. Not a denominational rule book. If you really trust that God can do all things then let him be the one to convict, and heal, and deliver, and clean up any area of our lives that he needs to. Lets point people to Jesus, Guide them with the Word and love them back to life. I love all of you.. and I mean that. I LOVE YOU ALL. Lets all find our place and be world changers.

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